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Hey everyone! I am back with a blog post – hopefully it will be a little bit more directed this time, instead of getting boring and meandering like last week. Crisp, clean and to the point!

We’re talking about the years 2002, 2003 and 2004 this week on Just a Grrl. Two Olympic events to acknowledge: the 2002 Utah Winter Olympics and the 2004 Summer Olympics. As a field hockey player, my personal interest lies in the Summer Olympics, and was very excited to check out this awesome display of female heroics. Here is a highlight reel, it is all in German, so enjoy that. They did go on to win back to back Olympic gold, taking out the title in the London 2012 games as well. Is there a three-peat on the cards? Who knows? Stay tuned.

Taking it back home, there was some excellence from Alissa Camplin winning our first female gold medal at the Winter Olympics, EVER. Here is the jump and bit of what she has to say about it. Skip to four minutes in to see her.

And that’s the sports section of Just a Grrl over for another week.

We had some Christina Aguilera on the show this week (and if anyone can let me know how to spell her name that’d be rad, cos I spell it differently each time) and her ground-breaking clip Dirrty. Part of her transition from Mickey Mouse Club to, well, an adult. It was widely criticised, both in the media and buy people close to Christina. Producer Linda Perry slammed the video when she first saw it (quote: “Are you high?”), but it has been noted as hugely influential. The ‘slutdrop’ apparently began it’s popular culture takeover here, from pole dancing origins. Also used in excess by the Pussy Cat Dolls, it had become a dancefloor staple, and according to Sophie Wilkinson, a bringer together of friends. Also, an intense thigh work out. It has become a move employed by Beyoncé, and the film clip as a whole has been an inspiration to one Miley Cyrus, a line than is fairly obvious to all.  Check out the film clip in question.

And just to finish it all off, while we’re talking about film clips, get your eyeballs onto No Doubt’s Ex-Girlfriend. It’s excellent. Not for any grand statements or anything, mainly for Gwen Stefani’s sweet hair and makeup work. And an excellent bathroom fight scene. Just for funsies.

Well that’s me signing off on this week’s blog post. Next week on Just a Grrl we will cover the years 2005, 2006 and 2007. As usual, if you have a burning desire to hear a particular tune, let me know via that Facebook button above this post. Until next week…

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