Karnivool – New Day Tour – The Hi-Fi, Thursday, 8th July 2010.

A certain sense of excitement comes to mind when thinking of Perth rockers Karnivool –  anyone who has experienced their live show is sure to know what I mean; impeccable production elements, meticulous timing and intensely awe-inspiring performances.  Reputation not withstanding, being the final album tour of 2009 release Sound Awake  it was not surprising that Karnivool sold out all three Melbourne shows of the New Day tour.

With the previous night having been cancelled due to a medical problem, fears were rampant that the show would be rescheduled.  Fortunately though, the universe prevailed and the show went on.  With no medical issues evident, any fears were alleviated as a grizzly mix of buzzing and sirens launched the band straight into the frenzy of lead-single, Set Fire to the Hive.

Taking no time, Karnivool continued the enticing assault to the senses delivering an uncompromising version of Goliath.  In a recent interview with SYN’s New and Approved, bass player Jon revealed that the growling undercurrent of songs like Set Fire to the Hive and Goliath are set to ‘stir people out of their complacency’ – opening the show with these two songs ensured the last thing any of the livid crowd felt was complacent.

The opening lure of xylophones projects the band into Simple Boy, reinforcing both the dynamic creativity showcased on Sound Awake and the technical prowess of the band in transforming the tracks from the studio to a live setting.  Initially, one might think that a larger venue would have been more appropriate as to house the legion of ‘Vool fans but as a venue the Hi-Fi could not have been more perfect; multiple levels ensured every fan an open window to the stage, commandeered powerfully by the delicious Ian Kenny.

Proclaiming he can ‘feel the love in the room’ the audience is further satiated by Cote, off Karnivool’s debut album Themata.  Needing absolutely no answer, the track All I Know questions ‘are you with me?’ as tracks The Medicine Wears Off, The Caudal Lure and the 12 minute epic Deadman follow. 

Proving that older tracks are still solid favourites, Karnivool crank into Themata and create fever-pitch in the mosh with Roquefort.  An appreciative dedication ‘to those who’ve been listening for the last 10 years’ hails the beginning of Fade, enjoyed rapturously by long-standing fans.

Closing out the set is the redemptive New Day, leaving everyone satisfied but hungry for more.  A quick stint off-stage is broken as Karnivool re-emerge to rampant applause.  The atmospheric Change Part One effortlessly flows into its most recent incarnation Change as green lasers pulse through the blue saturation.  The acoustic breakdown is mesmerising as finally the song descends into a tantalising drum solo.

Leaving the Hi-Fi with my New Day tour T-shirt in tow and admiration for Karnivool absolutely beyond all measure, a smile is plastered on my face which is set to last for days.
Set list:
Set fire to the hive
Simple Boy
All I Know
The Medicine Wears Off
The Caudal Lure
Themata – cranked
Roquefort – soared
New Day

Change Part 1

-Pip Enscoe