‘King of the Beach’ – Wavves

King of the Beach is evidence that Wavves’ Nathan Williams, whose petulant antics have been well documented, is growing up – at least as an artist.
While he’s still the pot-smoking millennial crashing in his Mum’s pool room, the success of his previous album Wavvves has given him the resources to put a studio-clean finish on his latest opus, a decision which provides a massive boost for his noise-punk pop.
It’s still distinctly Wavves, but the reverb and distortion have been wielded a bit more deftly this time around, allowing Williams’ lyrics to come through clearly. What we find ranges from youthful ennui to downright self-loathing set to some of the most enjoyable summer jams of the year. 
He is determined to self-efface, with mantras like “I hate my writing, it’s all the same” and “I’m not supposed to be a kid / But I’m an idiot” on ‘Take On The World’ and ‘Idiot’ respectively, but the self-awareness he displays suggests he knows exactly what he’s doing, and knows it’s working.
Jake Cleland