Kurt Vile – So Outta Reach

Imagine if Atlas Sound’s beautiful chime and crystalline tones had a baby with Real Estate. That would be the birth of Kurt Vile’s So Outta Reach. The first track gets straight to the point and captures you by the heart. The simplicity of the lyrics and melodies are almost haunting because of how beautiful and earthly the track is. The instruments are a back up of what Kurt Vile’s thoughts are, “Ain’t got time for all the thinking / just rely on intuition and that’s alright with me,” as the guitar and drums have a similar riff through out the song. The second track “It’s Alright” takes it one step further into a deeper sound that lifts off the ground just a little, with the addition of hazy guitars and a slow and steady beat. Repetition is key; the clearest phrase that stands out is the title. From the third to the fifth track, the haziness and the feeling of being lifted  heightens, but the drums continue to keep a solid beat. For an EP made of six tracks, the gradually-increasing depth of each song makes So Outta Reach so much more appreciable. There’s a certain amount of vibration that increases for the rest of the EP that elevates the feeling of each track. “Laughing Stock” and “Downbound Train” are the peak of the EP as they are the deepest and heaviest, as though Kurt Vile knew exactly how to capture the listener and wanted them to hear more with his gradual deepening. “Downbound Train” is the last track that really floats at the highest point during the journey through the EP. His vocals could be said to be a softer Kurt Cobain in terms of how he uses his tone, pitch and his talking-in-tune rhythm. The very last track ties the whole EP together so magnificently, cleverly re-doing “Life’s A Beach” but ending it on a more solemn note that gently brings it back down to earth.Kurt Vile’s So Outta Reach is a stunning, thought-out EP that elicits a musical high. It needs to be appreciated and applauded for a simplicity that we need in today’s complex society more than ever. by Kristina Dias

November 28th 2011
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