“Kyü” – KYÜ

It is with intimate detail that Sydney two-piece kyü piece together their music. Freya Berkhout and Alyx Dennison have a distinct song craft that yields magnificent results, and a distinct style that intersperses vast soundscapes with vibrant melodies. 
The young duo are thrilled to announce that their self-titled debut album will be released on Friday September 17 via the popfrenzy label and Inertia distribution, and that they will be hosting launches during October in Sydney and Melbourne to celebrate the release.
Freya and Alyx began making music together in mid-2009 and have managed more than most in their first 12 months. They’ve shared a stage with some of the world’s more interesting pop experimenters (Yeasayer, Patrick Wolf, Why?, High Places, Xiu Xiu), as well as some of Australia’s finest at Homebake 2009. Most importantly, they have recorded their accomplished self-titled debut album with Friend/Engineer/Producer/Mixer Daniell Johnston at audioloc studios, Sydney.
Commencing with the dark and atmospheric sounds of Foreword, the album embraces diverse and worldly sounds (Sistar, Koi), the feminine (Pixiphony) and the buoyant and joyous (Trains). “We found ourselves running around the room yelling and laughing and hitting things (in Trains). Most of that made the cut… it sounds sufficiently manic,” Freya and Alyx say of the texturally rich song.
Encyclopaedic in their musical references and energetic in their delivery, kyü have created a musical masterpiece that goes beyond their year together, and their years as individuals.
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