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On SYN Camp the leadership team for 2016 sat down to break down what great content is and what it looks like. 

What does your content add to the conversation?

In all honesty, this was a difficult presentation to put together, because ‘content’ is actually a bit of an ambigous beast that can be subjective in terms of what is ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘s**tballs great’.

After giving a brief rundown of what ‘content’ is we ran an exercise in small teams where we had to work out how to improve three simple segments. This workshop revealed the great strength of running preshow meetings where everyone contributes their ideas to work out how to get the most out of a segment. The important thing in these group conversations is to constructively question everything and be asking ‘why’ to every idea, not to shut it down but to get the most out of it by taking another approach or by allowing one idea form into another. 

Then we broke down what I view great content as being into three distinct sections, having a strong base, utilising filters and reflecting the SYN values. The main thing that came from all of this was what does your content add to the conversation?

Knowing why your show exists and choosing to exist on multiple platforms is key to your show being great, once your foundations are set up then you can start to think about how to build and develop certain aspects of your show. 

Most importantly, it is okay to not have the answers to what makes your show’s base straight away, this is something that comes with working with your team as well as the radio, TV and online managers and I’m also avaliable as well to workshop show ideas but also to work out how to bring new life to a long running project too. 

Check out the presentation below (I suggest that you come up with two or three of your own filters as a quick exercise) and if you have any questions, just hit me up at [email protected] !
– Blakey 



January 25th 2016
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