Last day, au revoir.

Okay, so I’ve missed a few day of writing in my blog. Sadly, even though I haven’t written anything since day two, today is my last day at The House of SYN.
The last few days have been amazing. After editing numerous amounts of school tours I think I have well and truely perfected the art of editing and uploading them onto the SYN website.
Apart from that I have done the awesome task of filming for Chanel 31’s ‘1700’, which I must say made me feel pretty cool. Sorry to anyone who was watching if the camera angles looked dodgy, let’s just say thats the first time I’ve filmed televison before…
It was also a privelidge to be allowed to sit in on the music meeting, listening over all of the CD’S that had been sent into SYN, all of them very different and also unusual(…), in many different ways.
Today I was again allowed to listen in on the ‘Schools on Air’ radio shows, and that lead to me meeting the mysterious voice from the oh so helpful ‘Adobe Audition’ video, Harley Hefford. There I got to help panel the shows, and it was interesting to hear the range of students, segments and music.
This week, I must say, has been one of the coolest weeks I’ve had. Apart from the wonderful hours allowing me great sleep ins (Thanks Emma for that), I have been able to experience some things I didnt think I would have the chance to do.
From editing, to listening in on radio shows, to writing this blog and to just being around some interesting and brilliant people, it has been one unforgettable week.
Even though this is the last time I will be writing in the blog, and I’m sure there have been so many people anticipating each entry (…..), I promise I’ll be back to SYN, whether you like it or not. Over the past few days, even though it has supposed to have been time for me to work out what I want to do when I’m older, I’m still completley blank and unsure of any career path I would want to take. What I do know though, is that I want to be involved in SYN. Whether it’s helping crew for 1700, volunteering on an already existing radio show (if anyone will have me), or even starting my own show, I know that I want to come back here and do something, anything.
Thankyou so much to all the volunteers who have entertained me with their random conversations, and who have smiled at me, spoken to me or even let me sit in on whatever they were doing.  Thankyou so much Emma for having something exciting ready and lined up for each day and making me feel like a part of the big and happy SYN family.
So, at 3.33pm for the last time on this blog, but definitley not the last time here at SYN…. over and out.
– Victoria
…Hopefully I’ll be seeing you all again soon!

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