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LaToyah Asha James


It was an abosolute pleasure to have La-Toyah Asha James today on the show, to discuss confidence, and her latest mission, with the brand “LaToyah”.

La-Toyah Asha was founded in 2004 by model, mentor and fashion stylist La-Toyah Asha James. As a successful young women, La-Toyah shines as an ambassador for youthful style, confidence and uniqueness with a trademark twist of soul. Drawing on her own experiences, with a high focus on fashion freedom, her ultimate aim is to connect with positivity and flair with young girls around the globe, in a mission to inspire them to be daring, ambitious and bold. Currently based out of Melbourne, La-Toyah Asha will be expanding her brand with like minded others. Her aim is to build a brand ‘a way of life’ that females around the globe can aspire too.

For more information head to, 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/latoyah.james?fref=ts

Instagram: @toyahxox

Website: http://www.latoyahasha.com

The Fashion Social: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LaToyah-The-Fashion-Social/64007768275197…



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