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LAVA ROCK & IRON Playlist 07/08

King Parrot – shit on the liver
Meshuggah – bleed
Cryptic abyss – blood on the nature strip
gojira – toxis garbage island
cryptic abyss – throne of hatred
cryptic abyss – grooveback
Bacchanal – capture
turds of tokyo – after grog bog
strapping young lad – far beyond metal
strapping young lad – …. . .



Moshpit Hall of Fame #2

David Eric Grohl was born on January 14, 1969, in Warren, Ohio. Dave was the son of a teacher named Virginia Jean […]

Richard Wayne Penniman
aka Little Richard
circa 1950s

Moshpit Hall of Fame Induction

The first member of the Moshpit Hall of Fame is Little Richard (Richard Wayne Penniman).   Richard Wayne Penniman was born on […]

Moshpit x The Fior screenshot

Moshpit Interviews Grassroots Indie-Rock Band – The Fior

After playing their song ‘Outsider’ on our first show of the new season. Last night on Punkdemonium, Jacob & Salomae got in […]