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LAVA ROCK & IRON Playlist 21/08


The simpsons – Opening theme
Behemoth – Alas the lord is upon me
Melvins – honey bucket
The simpsons – Happy birthday Mr Smithers
Rob zombie – living dead girl
Meshuggah – lethargica
The simpsons – itchy & scratchy & poochie show theme
Lamb of God – 11th hour
Type O Negative – my girlfriend’s girlfriend
Nach dem winter – equilibrium
Korpiklaani – journey man
The Simpsons – Everybody loves Ned Flanders
Slayer РWar Ensemble 
Pantera – cowboys from hell
The simpsons under the sea
Type O Negative – cinnamon girl
The simpsons – A booze Hound named Barney

Thank you everyone for tuning in and the messaging was fucking awesome, take care have fun and tune in next week m/>;

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