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LEACH on SOCIETY Podcast 10 4th of July


It’s an American themed July 4th edition of Leach on Society with the same segments you already all know and love from every episode that Leach on Society has to offer.

From Dylan’s hard hitting editorial targeted at Federal Immigration minister Scott Morrison. It’s brutal. It’s bang on the money. You’ll love it.

We then debut the Leach on Society US correspondent as ex-pat Brett Collett keeps us up to date with what’s happening in the US of A on the 4th of July.

Meanwhile, in Broklyn local minor league Baseball team the Brooklyn Cyclones are celebrating 25 years since Seinfeld debuted on American television with an all Seinfeld themed baseball game. Dylan chats with Billy Harner from the ballclub to let us know what they have planned for the night.

And straight of the plane from the FIFA World Cup Ten Eyewitness News reporter Duncan McKenzie-McHarg joins Dylan in the studio as the Society High Flyer.

The Leach on Society podcast – it’s simply fantastic. 


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