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Applications for the 2017 Leadership Team are now open! SYN’s Leadership Team are a select group of volunteers who are responsible for the management and coordination of SYN’s radio, TV and online departments.

Why you should join the Leadership Team
Lindsey Green, Content Development Coordinator

Because responsibility is fun!

Nah, but really… Apart from the fact that making radio is great (why else would you be here), there are heaps of reasons why you might consider taking on a role in the Leadership Team. Here are a couple:

To add something to your CV
As you’ll already know, being involved in SYN is great experience and the place has a pretty good reputation for fostering awesome media makers (Zan Rowe, anyone?). If you’re looking to get a job in media, showing that you’ve spent time volunteering in community media looks great. But when there are hundreds of people going for the same job, who have all volunteered for community media, you need to find something to set you apart from everyone else. One way of doing this is to say that not only have you spent time volunteering at community radio, but you’ve also spent a year taking on a role with greater responsibility.

To gain a better appreciation of SYN
As a volunteer at SYN you probably only think about the show that you’re doing and that’s about it. This is fine, but there’s actually a lot going on behind the scenes at SYN you may not realise. Being on the Leadership Team opens up your eyes to everything that goes on in the back end of SYN. This may not necessarily change how you approach SYN on a day to day level, but it gives you more of a comprehensive understanding on how SYN works, and how many people it takes to make it the place that it is.

Greater autonomy and creative freedom over a show/department
As a presenter on a flagship show, you don’t have much control over how the show sounds. Yeah sure, you might be able to choose the music that you play and you can make the day you’re hosting sound uniquely your’s, but you don’t have any control over the structure of the show. However, as the EP of a show or the manager of a department, you have total control to make your role into anything you like (within reason of course. Like The Hoist needs to remain an all Australian music show). I’d encourage all new Leadership Team members to think a lot bigger about the role that they take on, and remember they have the freedom to turn it into their own.


How to apply for the Leadership Team
Pip Younes, Membership Experience Manager

If you’re applying for a position on the Leadership Team, the person deciding on whether or not you’ll make it (and the person you need to impress*), is our Membership Experience Manager Pip Younes. These are her tips for acing your Leadership Team application and interview.

What are you looking for in a member of the Leadership Team?
A reliable member of the SYN community who is looking to add to their resume by taking on one of SYN’s fantastic leadership opportunities. This also give vols the opportunity to make key industry contacts, and really expand their horizons career wise. And of course, it’s heaps of fun!

How do I make my application stand out?
Ensuring all of the questions asked are answered. If your application is full of one word answers, think about adding in at least a full sentence or paragraph. We need to know what you’re capable of!

What is the number one mistake people make with applications and how can I avoid it?
Write proper answers to the questions, and tell us the truth. My job is to literally support the volunteers, and if I don’t know each person’s strengths and weaknesses, how am I meant to do this?

How do I make sure I nail my interview?
Once again, honesty! Let us know what you think you’ll be able to smash out as a leader, and what you think you might need a hand with. We are more than happy to help out, as it’s really a career move for a number of the vols looking to be part of the Leadership Team.

* If you really want to get on her good side, Pip likes donuts and Essendon. You can find her on the front desk at The House of SYN.

Lana Wilson, Operations Manager

What are you looking for in a member of the Leadership Team?
Passion, a drive to make the SYN community more inclusive, positive and diverse and someone who has great ideas.
How do I make my application stand out?
Put in the effort! Treat the Leadership Team application like you would a job application and answer the questions carefully. I recommend answering questions with examples from previous work experience and explain what you did, how you did it and the outcome it achieved. For example:
“Q: How do you manage conflict?”
“A: I like to manage conflict in a neutral, unbiased angle. A recent example of managing conflict is from my casual job at a cafe, where a customer was unhappy with their meal. To fix the situation, I consulted with the customer and apologized for their dissatisfaction. I then discussed the possibility of replacing the customer’s meal, free of charge, with my Manager, which I action-ed immediately, working closely with the other kitchen staff on duty. As result of my quick-thinking, the customer personally thanked me for the assistance. The customer ended up returning to the cafe the following weekend.”
What is the number one mistake people make with applications and how can I avoid it?
This is a tough one, as there are quite a few, but overall, not putting in the effort and only writing a once sentence answer to questions.
How do I make sure I nail my interview?
Talk the talk in your application and walk the walk in your interview. By that, I mean, actually show us how much you want the role by telling us in person or bringing examples of what your ideas would look like in action.


How to make the most of your position on the Leadership Team
Aimee Craig, Get Cereal EP 2016

Why did you join the Leadership Team?
I was really looking for more involvement at SYN, so I had a good read of the leadership applications and loved the idea of being an Executive Producer. I wanted to make people participating in a show have a great time and make the best content possible, Get Cereal Executive Producer was the best fit! I just wanted people to love SYN as much as I did and enjoy creating media content.

What did you hope to get out of it?
More experience working with a range of people and the understanding of such a big role and what really goes into it. It’s such great real world practices for producing gigs outside of SYN.

What did you like about being on the Leadership Team?
Having more responsibility and being able to directly affect people positively, whether that was through helping with content or teaching them something new is always a highlight for me

What didn’t you like about being on the Leadership Team?
It can sometimes be a bit of work, depending on your role you end up working with a lot of people – so there’s lots of little responsibilities here and there. Realising the right balance can help relieve this and stop stress.

What hot tips do you have to offer someone in the Leadership Team next year?
I have a top 4, these helped me a heap during this year!

1: Always check emails! Being on the leadership team means you receive a bunch of emails from publicists and the SYN staff, staying on top of it really helps your role run smoothly.

2: Converse with your AP/EP so you're always on the same page. Daily to weekly check ins with your EP or AP is super important, this way you are both on top of everything happening within your show/division.

3: Develop a friendship with not only your EP/AP but also the rest of the leadership team. Being on a friendly basis with these people is one of the biggest keys to success! Not only are you making new friends, but they can also be great resources ( like helping you find hosts for your show, learning tech terms) lots of people at SYN have so many skills!

4: Remembering that this is a fun and special opportunity, YOU were specifically chosen for the role, so you are pretty special! Enjoy your role and the time you have with it – Corny I know but I promise its true!

How to make the most of your position on the Leadership Team
Andrew Kelso, In Joke EP EP 2016

Why did you join the Leadership Team?
The main reason why I joined the leadership team was because I loved (and still do) SYN, and saw being an executive producer as the next step up from being a presenter and contributor. I also hoped that it would allow me to use my love and knowledge of comedy in a productive way.
What did you hope to get out of it?
Primarily, I wanted to get more experience as a leader. In the past, I have never had the proper opportunity to organise and manage larger groups of people, but it was a skill I was keen to learn and prove to myself I could do, so I was glad to have that opportunity this year. The other thing I wanted to get out of it was the chance to make contacts in the industry, and to help SYN become a more active part of the Melbourne comedy scene.
What did you like about being on the Leadership Team?
The thing that I loved the most was the networking, as I said above. Meeting with potential guests, liaising with publicists and convincing them to come on the program is something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, and would happily continue to do so. I have also been very happy with the way In Joke has grown, and get great satisfaction out of watching new recruits find their place at SYN.
What didn’t you like about being on the Leadership Team?
The publicity, by far. I seem to have really struggled with the social media side of things, and would like to learn more effective and consistent ways of boosting an audience. Arranging posters and business cards for the show was also frustrating at times, just due to a few problems with external printers.

What hot tips do you have to offer someone in the Leadership Team next year?
The best advice I would offer to a new producer is just to have a set of goals in mind that they would like to achieve, in terms of listenership, productivity, and specific accomplishments, so that they have some idea where they want to direct the show, and how. I would also encourage them to have a passion for comedy, and to use that in their work.


Questions? Email [email protected]. If you want to apply for a position on next year’s Leadership Team and you want to speak to the person who’s been in the role this year about what it’s all about, you can find everyone’s email here.

Otherwise, you can find the application form and position descriptions here. We look forward to receiving your application.


September 29th 2016
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