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Learning The Sex, Hiding The Sex & Navigating Adulthood – 2 December 2018

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Bedroom difficulties, religious sexperiences and adult friendship as we age are allll on the table this week for your dose of Naughty and Rude!

Ceitidh raises our obsession with aesthetics and how our world is shifting because of it. An expression of beauty in our own eyes? Or a dire societal movement?

Danny asks how our religious upbringing shaped our sexual education, and how we compartmentalise quality friendship time as life gets busier and we reprioritise.

Sex is tough when you’re living at home. Peta tells all on how she gets down and dirty – without getting her own sheets dirty.

Plus, we chat to Elephant Ed co-founder Dan Schandlar on moulding the minds of the sexually curious and diverse youth in schools.

And as always, we’ll leave you with our filthy faves of the week!

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December 2nd 2018
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