Lindy Morrison (The Go Betweens) – Support Act


Given the recent discussion with regards to Mental Health in the Entertainment Industry and the considerable amount of research that has shown that there is a higher level of depression and anxiety with people who work in the entertainment industry, The Hoist speaks to none other than the lovely Lindy Morrison (drummer from 80’s band the Go Betweens) and Support Act social worker and advocate.

Support Act is the music industry charity – it’s a benevolent society – and a registered institution that provides grants in the payment of bills to artists and music workers who have a crisis.

Lindy’s role at Support Act is to guide people through the application process and make it as easy as possible for them and to refer them on to other agencies so that they can get further help and to work out with them, what is the best bills they can pay.


November 26th 2016
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