LIT Episode 7: Absurd Readings

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This week, Nick and Ayden haven’t been reading, so they both decided to bring in stuff that they wrote and read that on air instead. Ayden gives us that one novel he mistakenly wrote in his teenage years and Nick brings in a vapid attempt to convince everyone that he’s well read and intelligent because it’s technically an “absurdist comedy”.


Nicholas and Alayna can also be found on a more respectable show on SYN. They used to host Lab Rats, the science show on SYN, back when they had dignity.

Ayden previously was a co-creator of Loony Poony. That probably should’ve tipped us off.

Nicholas can also be found on YouTube as CloudCuckooCountry, a book reviewing channel.

Our show’s theme music is the song “Entropic” by Paul Sandery. You can find his music in SoundCloud.