LIT Episode 4: “The Writing Process” / “Literally the End of the World”

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Turns out Ayden is a total fraud and he doesn’t actually read books, so instead of talking about books he hasn’t read, he’s instead going to talk to us about a book that he wrote when he was, like, 12 or something. Meanwhile, Nicholas seems to equate being super depressing with being super deep, so he’s talking about how everyone’s going to die and the world’s going to end to try and get that intellectual cred. As usual, it’s up to Alayna to try and most likely fail to provide some class and sensible-ness to the show with her review of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. Wait, actually she’s talking about Pride and Prejudice, so that joke doesn’t even work. Dammit!


Nicholas and Alayna can also be found on a more respectable show on SYN. They used to host Lab Rats, the science show on SYN, back when they had dignity.

Ayden previously was a co-creator of Loony Poony. That probably should’ve tipped us off.

Nicholas can also be found on YouTube as CloudCuckooCountry, a book reviewing channel.

Our show’s theme music is the song “Entropic” by Paul Sandery. You can find his music in SoundCloud.