LIT Episode 1: The Easter Episode, Sort of, kinda…

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We thought we’d start off with a timely episode, except not really. Nicholas chooses to talk about dying rabbits in Watership Down, Alayna talks about Rebecca¬†by Daphne Du Maurier and burning mansions,¬†and Ayden talks about pocket horrors because he apparently thought we were doing a Halloween episode instead. Also, Nicholas accidentally endorses drugs on public radio.

Should’ve named this show Dank instead of Lit, apparently…



Nicholas and Alayna can also be found on a more respectable show on SYN. They used to host Lab Rats, the science show on SYN, back when they had dignity.

Ayden previously was a co-host of Player One.

Nicholas can also be found on YouTube as CloudCuckooCountry, a book reviewing channel.