LIT Episode 2: Shooting Bluejays

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Today we thought we might flex our pretence with these last-minute conversations such as “Is Harper Lee actually racist?” (she isn’t) “Do spoilers ruin stories?” (they don’t) and “Does Stephen King make sense?” (If he does, you may want to see a psychiatrist).

Huh… I just summarised every single substantive point in the entire episode in one sentence. I guess you can just skip this one.

If you’re still interested in the episode for the sheer joy of listening to three friends colleagues acquaintances total strangers pretending to know each other analyse┬ádiscuss talk about feign having read some books for like 50 minutes or something, here’s the episode:


Nicholas and Alayna can also be found on a more respectable show on SYN. They used to host Lab Rats, the science show on SYN, back when they had dignity.

Ayden previously was a co-creator of Loony Poony. That probably should’ve tipped us off.

Nicholas can also be found on YouTube as CloudCuckooCountry, a book reviewing channel.

Our show’s theme music is the song “Entropic” by Paul Sandery. You can find his music in SoundCloud.