LIT: The literature show on SYN

Lit is the youth literature show in SYN NATION. Tired of the boring and intellectual book discussions for old people on the ABC’s The Book Club? Lit is here to make quality entertainment about books that’s fun and dank. Join our discussion show and rake in the laughs as these three misfitted hosts derail every conversation they get into:

  • Nicholas is a pretentious hipster who hates everything popular because it makes him feel smarter than normies. You’ve probably never heard of his favourite novels.
  • Alayna is the sensible one and regularly needs to rein in the insufferable stupidity of her two male co-hosts. She’ll balance out the nonsense with sensible discussions of feminist literature.
  • Ayden is here because we thought it was a good idea at the time.


  1. “The Pilot” / “The Easter Episode”

Nicholas and Alayna can also be found on a more respectable show on SYN. They used to host Lab Rats, the science show on SYN, back when they had dignity.

Ayden previously was a co-creator of Loony Poony. That probably should’ve tipped us off.

Nicholas can also be found on YouTube as CloudCuckooCountry, a book reviewing channel.

Our show’s theme music is the song “Entropic” by Paul Sandery. You can find his music in SoundCloud.