Live: Animaux @ The Workers Club – 11/10/13

Playing to a sold out crowd, the brassy youngsters of Animaux did their darnedest to blow the roof off The Workers Club. Releasing their new single “Alaska”, the Melbourne up-and-comers thrilled with their entire repertoire, captivating and energizing an audience already bouncing off the walls.Ghost Orkid started off the night playing to an unfairly empty band room. Front man Matt Kelly took this in his stride however, admitting, “Someone’s gotta start this s**t, might as well be a guy with auto-tune”. The auto-tune was more Gotye than T-Pain, thankfully, managing not to give us flashbacks to the horrors of popular music circa 2009.Supplying supremely jazzy bass lines and dream-like vocals, Ghost Orkid gave the perfect soundtrack for running around the city late at night and then sleeping in the next day. A particular highlight was the groovy “Kitchen”, which Kelly said was basically a song about messy housemates—probably something we can all relate to.Velma Grove rolled in next, moving from a huge wall of brassy sound to something more like the Fleet Foxes throughout their set. Gosh, this bunch of kids is talented. There’s a supreme use of handclaps during their tune “Liquor Store”, with a stray melodica popping up here and there. If you weren’t dancing yet, you undoubtedly were by this point. Velma Grove clearly has fun on stage and it’s just infectious.This was the last gig for half of the eight-piece, which is such a shame—they bounce off one another so brilliantly onstage. However, with the sheer amount of talent the remaining few shares, Velma Grove is sure to keep ascending to bigger and better things.Onto the main event, and Animaux arrived onstage to rapturous noise. In less than three years, Animaux has amassed a huge Melbourne following, which filled The Workers Club to the brim and then some.The uber-dancey “Wave Of Change” made the audience move with never before seen abandon, while a well-placed cover of Haim’s “The Wire” showed that Animaux can put their soul spin on anything and have it be almost better than the original. New single “Alaska” is perhaps more sedate than the rest of their catalog, but is ready to dominate the airwaves with some sing-along lyrics anyway. Throughout the night, there was spontaneous crowd surfing and punters flooding the stage in time with Animaux’s pulsing bass lines.And when it all came to an end, the band and the audience had probably given off enough energy to power Melbourne for weeks. It was insane, and I can’t help but think that every Animaux performance is probably like this, regardless of a home crowd or not.Every song in their set had an undeniably funky brass section paired with singer Alex Lahey’s killer vocals. She doesn’t once hit a bad note, while the rest of Animaux use their instruments to create a polished, upbeat sound, which resonates with the audience.Animaux are a hip bunch of clever creatures, performing sets that you simply can’t miss. For the unacquainted, do yourself a favour and swing along to their next gig. Not only will you get some hip cred in Melbourne music circles, you’ll have a ridiculously good time too.Animaux’s new EP is out Monday, October Ashleigh McMillan

October 17th 2013
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