Live: Deep Sea Arcade @ The Corner Hotel – 12/10/13

Back in the 60s, popular music went through a major shift with rock and roll bursting onto the scene. With the likes of The Beatles at the helm, the British invasion was in full swing, and everyone was feelin’ fine.In 2013, you’ll find the same riotous spirit alive and well in Sydney band Deep Sea Arcade. A little while ago, the boys made it down to Melbourne and I was there to revel in the fun.Performing just before the main act was Brisbane pop outfit Hey Geronimo. Having listened to a few of their tracks before the show, I was a little disappointed with the live set. It was full of what seemed like country-inspired pop numbers, and the performance was a little too boppy for my taste.However, there were some promising aspects with the tunes harboring a subtle bluesy, surf-rock sound. They had great energy and a high-octane presence, so it was an interesting performance to say the least.Taking the stage a little while after, Deep Sea Arcade was an entirely different beast. Dramatically opening with a curtain drawback, and some ambient lighting, the band was off to a wonderful start. Immediately, I was struck by the quintet’s charisma, which was practically oozing from their pores. The same cool attitude that you’d only expect from classic rock icons was on constant display, especially in lead singer Nic McKenzie. Ever the showman with his ruffled shirt, he took charge of the stage, making use of the space with his quirky dance moves and cheeky grin. And who could go past guitarist James Manson’s sequined jacket? It was like a glittery beacon, pulling our eyes to him whenever he’d plunge into a 70s-esque riff.In terms of the set, opening number “Seen No Right” was a great appetizer for the night, getting the crowd dancing early and setting the bar high for the rest of the show. Newly released single “Black Cat” was a psychedelic treat with pop appeal, which seemed to build well as a live song.Highlights for the night, however, included the song “Girls” off their new album Outlands, and an older track in “Lonely In Your Arms”—both managed to get the whole room grooving. “Keep On Walking” evoked a bit of a sing-along session, while simply adding to the fun. Ending their set with a cover of “Let Forever Be” by The Chemical Brothers showed the band’s full versatility and talent.At the end of the night, there was a sense that the audience just wanted more. If Deep Sea Arcade could have played the whole night, I don’t think anyone would have complained. The show was captivating, lively and purely a whole lot of fun. Well done to the boys for making an amazing album, and supporting it live with such Radhika Chopra

October 31st 2013
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