Live: Hey Geronimo @ The Hi-Fi – 27/06/13

Hey Geronimo are one of those young, up-and-coming bands brimming with energy that make you feel much older than you should. They’re an indie pop/rock group out of Brisbane, where so many thriving young Aussie groups seem to originate from these days. Their self-­titled EP, released mid last year, was very well received.Though sometimes it’s difficult for bands to set themselves apart from all the other indie-­pop bands out there, Hey Geronimo showed us what they’ve got to offer in their recent live show at The Hi-Fi in Melbourne. Teaming with Strange Talk to tour Australia, this was one of 11 shows across the country on the aptly named Strange Geronimo Tour.The band consists of Pete Kilroy (vocals and guitar), Greg Chiapello (bass), Ross Pearson (guitar), Andrew Stone (keyboard) and Tony Garrett (drums)—a group of guys with such an amazing ease and confidence between them. One of the first things I noticed about them was their unforced playful banter and the fact that they seemed to actually love being there.One or two songs in, they brought out a saxophonist for “Co­-op Bookshop” and she stayed there for the rest of their set. The bold jazz tunes from this one instrument, accompanied by a tambourine and keyboard, created a vibrant and lively atmosphere that really set them apart and made their live show that much more interesting and fun to watch.Between nearly every song they joked around with each other and the audience, once even claiming (truthfully or not), “Melbourne is way better than where we’re from, Brisbane”, which undoubtedly sold the crowd. In the middle of their set they played their newest single “The Dan Kelly Song”, which has been getting a lot of air time on the radio recently. The amount of energy they brought to the stage was incredible; by the end of the set the bassist had snapped one of his strings. But that didn’t stop him. If anything, the dancing and playing just got even crazier. At one stage, there were even synchronized jumping dance moves, which was very amusing to watch. They wrapped up their set with two favourites, “Carbon Affair” and “Why Don’t We Do Something”.Strange Talk gave a very solid performance between the other two acts, giving the audience a bit of variety with their I­-just­-gotta­-dance synth­-pop electro vibes. It was their last show in Melbourne and Australia before jet setting off to the US for a string of tour dates. The smooth transitions between songs kept everyone engaged and dancing, and showcased their professionalism in performing such a polished set. They had a huge amount of energy, complimented by a crowd-pleasing lightshow. Strange Talk did a great job in setting the audience up for Loon Lake, who were playing later on in the night.The teaming up of Hey Geronimo and Strange Talk was a smart move—it gave the audience some variety in music and allowed the bands to show off their musical talents to the other band’s fans. Hey Geronimo gave a super performance that was fun and entertaining and I can confidently say that they have future success waiting for Jane Liang

July 11th 2013
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