Live: Lime Cordiale @ The Toff – 02/11/13

Fun times are always guaranteed when you head to The Toff, and seeing Lime Cordiale there on a Saturday night was no exception. Originally from Sydney, these boys have been travelling all over the east coast to promote their latest EP Falling Up The Stairs. Their beachy, jazz vibes were welcomed with open arms as they played to a Melbourne crowd they later described as their biggest yet.I walked in to catch the last few songs of Castlecomer, one of two support bands for Lime Cordiale that night who also reign from Sydney. The room was a buzz with half the crowd already dancing away. With great beats and a wonderful drum solo to finish off their set, Castlecomer got the crowd pumped and raring to go for the feature act.Nearing the 10pm mark, when Lime Cordiale were to make their debut, the area below the stage turned into a loose mosh and excitement loomed as Beyonce blared through the venue. The five-piece arrived on stage as Beyonce’s crescendo was fading, dressed in Sydney-esque beachy gear and double denim—a favourite with one brother Louis Leimbach. As the ‘woos’ subsided, the boys picked up their guitars and entered their set.Their song choices were a good mix of both old and new. Numbers such as “Pretty Girl” and “What Don’t You Like About Me” were a wonderful selection for fans of their previous EPs and singles. As for the reason they were on tour, Lime Cordiale managed to play all five songs from Falling Up The Stairs. Each track was played with more enthusiasm and playfulness than the recorded version, which is exactly what you want from a gig.Bringing these tracks alive in more ways than one, Oli (the other Leimbach brother) shared with the audience the inspiration behind the song “Famous”— his ex. Meanwhile, Louis showed us just how much he loved the microphone in an odd phallic gesture that made the crowd, and even me, giggle.The night was filled with groovy dancing, great tunes and an amazing atmosphere. One of the most entertaining things for me was the inclusion of a colourful array of brass instruments. Lime Cordiale’s songs are no strangers to the use of brass to thicken those interludes and beef up the choruses. Yet what came, as a pleasant surprise, was the moment the Leimbach brothers pulled out their own jazzy instruments. Louis and Oli fascinated us with their trumpet and clarinet respectively. Usually it’s exciting when artists just change guitars, but this was a whole new level.These instruments, as well as Lime Cordiale’s general awesome-ness at making the crown go wild and dance like its summer on a beach, made their performance at The Toff a very agreeable and enjoyable one. These boys thrive in small venues; I hope they stick with them for a little while Aimee Malotsis

November 10th 2013
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