LIVE MUSIC REVIEW: Flamingo Jones @ The Gasometer Hotel


Words by Matilda Elgood.

Flamingo Jones @ The Gasometer Hotel, Thursday 5th of October

With The Palm Royale in tow, Flamingo Jones welcomed the launch of his latest EP, Lazers in the Jungle. With supports by Splendid and Hemm, a huge night of dancing was not only expected, but promised.

Flamingo Jones’ recorded music encapsulates a very authentic mix of nature, which left me very interested to see how he would be able to recreate such a sound in a live show. The room was intimate with lots of sweaty bodies jumping around to the “nature beats”. A miserable rainy night couldn’t have asked for a better pick-me-up. Flamingo Jones was able to create such an incredible ambiance making the room feel like it was a bunch of your closest mates, or maybe they were?

Accompanying the Melbourne beat maker was the live band, The Palm Royale. The live arrangement perfectly translated the sound created on Flamingo Jones’ recorded tracks, an arrangement that has clearly taken a lot of time to perfect. Including some familiar faces from fellow local band, DIET, there was no doubt that this live band could create something incredible.


A personal highlight was “Melbourne Hi-Life”, the upbeat track had everyone in the room moving to the rhythm of the tropical drums. My favourite addition was the sampling of football commentary, very topical after the weekend’s grand final celebrations. Each song seamlessly flowed into the next, barely noticing where the last song stopped and the next one started, creating an unbreakable energy in the room.

Another great addition to the setlist and EP track list alike was “The Island Does Crazy Things”. The steel drums or was it a xylophone? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it created such an uplifting dance track. A welcomed palette cleanser to the wave of garage/punk rock taking over the Melbourne music scene as of late.

Flamingo Jones’ EP Lazers in the Jungle, is out now, check it out!