LIVE MUSIC REVIEW: The Jungle Giants @ The Croxton Bandroom

jungle giants

The Jungle Giants – The Croxton Bandroom, Sunday 27th of August

To celebrate their third album, Quiet Ferocity, The Jungle Giants have kick started their tour across Australia. Hitting up the Croxton Bandroom in Northcote, I caught them live for one of their three shows at the legendary Melbourne venue.

The support acts Heaps Good Friends and Lastlings warmed up the crowd, helping them break that Sunday night blues, ready for the night’s main course, The Jungle Giants.

The crowd’s anticipation grew as the Brisbane band’s expected arrival on stage crept closer and closer. Suddenly the room dimmed and the stage lit up revealing the band taking the stage. And what better way to welcome the crowd with an old favourite, “She’s a Riot”. It gave me flashbacks of the first time seeing the four-piece at the Corner Hotel four years ago, and made me feel right at home.

The setlist continued to jump back and forth between the band’s three albums, creating a seamless transition between their old and new music. Although the new album has seen a step closer towards something more electronic, the band paid appropriate homage to their roots.

After three straight shows in the same venue, frontman Sam showed no signs of slowing down. Claiming the box in front of the stage as his own, he practically played among the crowd. Next came a throwback to the band’s first album, Learn to Exist, “Truth May Hurt”, which allowed audiences the chance to catch their breath with the slower number. Although slower, it definitely did not lack any of the power or punch as of the more fast paced songs.

Flying through a personal favourite, “I Am What You Want To Be” and an incredible instrumental duet between drummer Keelan and guitarist Andrew, the band reached the final song of the night, “On Your Way Down”, the second single of the new album. The familiar sound of a cowbell had the audience jumping all in the same movement. An incredible atmosphere for a Sunday night.

The band finally left the stage to an encore of voices yelling “one more song”. I checked the time and noticed a suspiciously early end to the allocated end time. Sure enough the band re-emerged for a final two songs.

Giving us a final taste of the new album, the band played “Used to Be in Love”, followed by “Feel the Way I Do”. As the first string of keyboard notes played, the crowd erupted, as the bass and drums followed, the crowd was moving simultaneously. Finally, Sam sang the first line, “I’m coming in…” to an entire crowd singing back. A perfect choice for a first single of the album, an an even better choice for the final song of the show, just to insure not a single dry body walked away.

The Jungle Giants live show perfectly illustrated the hard work and dedication put into their third album. Not only can you see it in the pride each member wears on stage but in the finer details of the new music that wasn’t heard in previous albums. The 9-5 schedule that frontman Sam adapted 5 days a week to write the new record clearly shines through the tight setlist.

The Brisbane four-piece will be carrying on their tour until the 15th of September, if you have the chance to snag a ticket, you won’t be sorry!

Words by Matilda Elgood