LIVE REVIEW: Bring Me The Horizon @ Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne – February 2017


Bring Me The Horizon concerts have always memorable. Oliver Sykes and the rest of the band bring the most amazing energy to the stage. The set up was great, with astounding lighting and a large screen showing clips of their music videos. There were two tiers of the stage, with Matt Nicholls on the drums and Jordan Fish playing the keyboard up on the top, and on the bottom tier was bassist Matt Kean, guitarist Lee Malia and Oli Sykes energising Margaret Court Arena.

The band opened with “Happy Song”, bringing the passion that fans know them for. As I was left-stage, at the very front, I had an amazing view of the band’s on-stage presence. The fans knew every word, and the joy on the band’s faces was evident. During the set, there were scenes of crowd-surfing, circle pits and a few walls of death, as can be expected from the heavy music that BMTH produces. I was extremely glad that they played a mixture of their old material and songs off the new album, That’s The Spirit. The music brought an insane amount of energy to Margret Court Arena.

The two opening acts had the tough job of warming up a could, wet crowd (it had rained on the way in), and thankfully, both were incredible. Both Hands Like Houses and While She Sleeps have interesting songs, with deep lyrics that felt right at home with Bring Me The Horizon. Hands Like Houses from Canberra came on first, and had the crowd jumping around; While She Sleeps, from Sheffield, England, managed to get the first set of crowd surfers, and even a circle pit going.

The set that Bring Me The Horizon played was incredible, they kept the intensity going through the entire night, and even when Sykes said he was going to “slow it down a little” they played “Follow You”, an extremely passionate song, with the crowd throwing every line back at the band. Everyone was disappointed when the set ended on “True Friends” chanting “one more song” until Bring Me The Horizon relented, and came back on stage for “Can You Feel My Heart”, “Throne”, and “Drown”.

The whole concert was incredible, and really enjoyable for anyone who likes Bring Me The Horizon, or just metal in general.

Words by Ellie Carter.