LIVE REVIEW: Confidence Man @ Croxton Bandroom


Confidence Man performed at the Croxton Bandroom in Melbourne on 6 November 2017.
Words by Matilda Elgood.

In celebration of their video and new song, “Better Sit Down Boy”, Confidence Man have been travelling the country on their “Ring’a Ding Ding Tour”. The group hit up the Croxton Bandroom for a sold-out show on Cup Day Eve. With supports Broadway Sounds and Love Deluxe in tow, the room was no doubt full of energy.

The set began with Reggie and Clarence, the band’s drummer and DJ dressed head to toe in all black, playing a funky intro to get the crowd ready for the entrance of singers/performers, Janet and Sugar. There was a new addition to the all black crew, another beekeeper, introduced as Hans Spritz. As soon as Janet and Sugar joined the rest of the electro supergroup, they rolled straight into hit, “Bubblegum”. Having seen the band a number of times before, including one of their first appearances at Bigsound 2016, it is clear how far the group has come as entertainers, taking their theatrics and choreography to a whole new level.

The set was full of unreleased songs that audiences can hope to hear on streaming services very soon. A nice treat in seeing the group live is an exclusive listen to songs that have not been heard by others yet. On the flip side, for any loyal fans, they would know well that Confidence Man’s setlist has not changed dramatically since the beginning. Which unfortunately means when the Brisbane bred group releases a new song, it’s something we’ve been hearing for months and months in live sets from headline shows to festival slots, as opposed to a new exciting, never been heard release.

Hitting the midpoint of the set, Janet and Sugar left the stage, leaving Drummer and DJ, Reggie and Clarence in charge of keeping the room hyped. For a nice change of pace, the two performed an instrumental piece that gave the audience’s eyes a nice rest from the delicious visual treat that is Janet and Sugar’s dancing. Instead the crowd got a chance to recognise how much effort the all black beekeepers put into a live show. The two pounding away on the drum kit and on the turntables, proving that this group is a non-believer in hitting play and dancing around on stage, as other electronic/dance groups can be guilty of. Adding in live instruments gave the set an extra layer of sound which really filled out the room.

Although a lot of the set was very familiar from past live shows, the band did share a few brand new songs, that the public will no doubt hear on their upcoming debut album. The songs did have that signature Confidence Man flare complete with elaborate dance moves, however they did lack the same punch that recent releases, “Bubblegum”, “Better Sit Down Boy”, and debut single, “Boyfriend”, have, which is a bit disappointing. The energy in the room remained sky-high regardless.

Finally, leading lady, Janet, announced the next song would be their last. Which seemed almost unusual as the their biggest hit, “Boyfriend” has not been played yet. The band finished off the set with “Better Sit Down Boy”, before exiting the stage. As expected, after some howling from the crowd, the group re-emerged for one last song, “Boyfriend”. The volume of the crowd’s singing got that much louder and the dancing and jumping got that much higher. Reaching its peak mid-way song with Janet demanding the crowd gets down to the ground in preparation for the drop. The crowd heard, “GET DOWN”, and the room let out the last bit of energy their bodies had been holding on to all night, hoping 2016’s favourite dance track would be included in the set list. They were not disappointed.