dream wife

Dream Wife live at The Tote Wednesday 8th February
Media passes provided by publicists
Words by Maria Dunne

Dream Wife were ready ‘to f*ck you up’, encouraging ‘vegan feminists’ to show their colours during the bands set at The Tote in Melbourne. The self proclaimed feminist rock outfit energised a sleepy Wednesday evening with their charged up performance.

They started with ‘Hey Heartbreaker’, a excellent opening song that brought out the best of Rakel Mjöll, the lead vocalist, Alice Go, on guitar and bassist Bella Podpadec. The lights shimmered on the trio, its vibrancy pairing well with the music. Go’s guitar had tape that emitted green neon when under the UV lights, rounding off the visual effects.

Dream Wife

Go was an amazing guitarist to see live, working the audience throughout the show. She hammered out chords with such badassery adding to the general vibe of the band; there was something so kickass about all of them. A girl from the crowd called out ‘You guys are so sick’ causing a huge applause by the rest of the audience.

‘A girl from the crowd called out “You guys are so sick” causing a huge applause by the rest of the audience’

Before the song, ‘Somebody’, Mjöll beckoned all the ‘vegan feminist bad b*tches’ to the stage edge. It was a lovely moment where women who were crammed up the back were able to get up close to the band. The catchy chorus line ‘I am not my body, I am somebody’ was sung between Mjöll and the ‘bad b*tches’ stationed at the front. It was a call-to-arms from the band, emanating that we are not going to accept this any longer. The song had a sweetness to it but also strength, emphasising female autonomy and self worth.

‘FUU’ raised the level of energy to point of no return. With the ‘bad b*tches’ in front a mosh started with Mjöll shoving and starting a circle. It was an amazing thing to be a part of, leaving behind the overwhelming aggression that can often be found in a mosh. Instead there was this mutual respect and comradeship that made the experience fun and entertaining.

‘It was an amazing thing to be a part of, leaving behind the overwhelming aggression that can often be found in a mosh’

Dream Wife ended on ‘Let’s Make Out’ an ode to being confident and comfortable with your sexuality. It left me feeling empowered and ready to take on anything. The trio have this power to them to motivate and encourage their fans to let loose and feel safe in their space, allowing for a killer set that was fun, motivating and above-all empowering.