Live Review: FLIGHT FACILITIES @ The Forum, 13.09.18

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LIVE at The Forum, Melbourne

13 / 09 / 18

Words by India Weaver

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Seatbelts were fastened low and tight as Flight Facilities transported the audience from The Forum to their final destination, groove, on Thursday the 13th of September.

Guests were invited to board to enjoy the pre-flight entertainment, brought to you by The Kite String Tangle. Playing famed tracks, ‘Given the Chance’ and ‘The Prize’, TKST was the perfect way for the crowd to loosen their muscles for the sensationally pleasant flight they were about to board.

Clear for take-off, Flight Facilities (in the form of the pilots and band-members, Jimmy & Hugo) launched onto the stage to get things started. Take-off took no time at all and was soundtracked by the opening synth lines of ‘Need You’. Owl Eyes, a friend and familiar vocalist who appears throughout the Flight Facilities discography, took the role of flight attendant; her velvety vocals brought the track to life and soothed the audience into the skies. From this first track’s reception from the crowd, it was evident that the audience were frequent flyers with Flight Facilities – the audience’s confident and reasonably respectful dance moves proved that they were.

The two-piece soared through the hits off their debut record, Down To Earth. Ric Rufio, another of the employed guests/flight attendants, took on Reggie Watts’ iconic feature in ‘Sunshine’, belting out a brilliant version of the booty shaking track. My fellow audience members broke into some painfully off-key and bizarre dance moves that only made the night more enjoyable.

Without a hint of turbulence, ‘Sunshine’ flawlessly transitioned into a personal favourite of mine, ‘Arty Boy’. Lights were flashing, bodies were moving this flight was getting warm and groovy. Whilst it would have been perfect with a side of Emma Louise, the original vocalist on the track, Owl Eyes captured the essence of the song extremely well.

Complimentary snacks came in the form of a surprise cover of Jamiroquai’s 2005 treat, ‘You Give Me Something’. This soon turned into an all-passenger chorus; crowd pleaser ‘Foreign Language’ allowed for this chorus to continue. The well-suited soundtrack to the live music flight the audience had embarked on had the crowd spinning and jumping. Flight Facilities had hit their cruising altitude.

After a quick classical music interlude, the velvety instrumental beginnings of ‘Claire De Lune’ danced from wall to wall. iPhone torches lit up the darkened venue, turning The Forum’s already dreamy skies into a millennial midnight.

Collaboration was at its finest as Dustin Tebbutt joined the duo on stage to perform their latest single ‘All Your Love’. This theme continued after a small intermission as Flight Facilities returned to the stage to dip into their collaborative masterpiece, ‘Stranded’. Ric Rufio and Owl Eyes banded together to transform the minimalist song into an energised masterpiece, propelling the song into a new dimension.

Landing was delayed as the Pilots admitted that they didn’t want to disembark the flight just yet. Flight Facilities engaged their most iconic track, ‘Crave You’, in an attempt to prepare for landing. The seatbelt sign was ignored as the crowd whipped out their best moves and karaoke of the night. Finishing the night with ‘Drop The Pressure’, originally performed by Mylo, gave the audience one last chance to bask in the energy of the night.

A smooth take off, comfortable flight and even smoother landing – I’ll be flying Flight Facilities from now on.


Image courtesy of the artists.


September 19th 2018
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