Live Review: G FLIP @ Northcote Social Club, 19.09.18

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G Flip with yergurl

LIVE @ Northcote Social Club

19 / 09 / 18

Words by Jake Matthews


Following six months of relentless worldwide touring, G Flip returned to Melbourne for the first in a string of sold-out shows at the Northcote Social Club.

In the spirit of self-produced pop taking over 2018, Unearthed High finalist yergurl charmed the audience early on with her dreamy, lo-fi soundscapes. Appearing solo on the barely-lit stage, backed by her laptop and some incredible DIY visuals, the simplicity of her live set-up worked in her favour and effectively captured the essence of her music. While opening track ‘skateboard’ was an early highlight, the defining moment of her set came halfway with the brooding, heartfelt slow-jam ‘I WANT TO SEE U AGAIN’. Between these melancholic introspections and her more expansive pop tracks, yergurl proved to the audience why she’ll be one to watch in years to come.

With anticipation building in front of a packed-out hometown crowd, G Flip (aka Georgia Flipo) emerged onto the stage and immediately launched into unreleased track ‘Lover’. Beginning the set from behind her trademark drum kit, she instantly set the scene with her brand of anthemic pop, with the track building towards one of many massive finales. Two more future releases follow in the form of ‘Real Life’, which she alleges to have only written weeks prior to tonight, and heartbreak anthem ‘Morning’, delivered with an emotional intensity that grounded her entire set.

With each track performed already feeling like a crowd favourite, they came across instantly familiar, however not contrived. A true testament to her abilities as a songwriter and producer, G Flip appears to have already honed in on her craft in such seemingly effortless fashion. Likewise, it became evident that her two current singles are a perfect, if calculated, introduction to her music as all of the songs played could fall into either category – whether moving, heartfelt pop/rock anthems in the vein of ‘About You’, or the more immediate hook-laden pop of ‘Killing My Time’.

As the bouncy opening synths rang through the room, ‘Killing My Time’ delivered on the anticipation by offering a welcome moment of familiarity. In what was undeniably a highlight of the set, the track translated incredibly well in a live setting, with the crowd embracing the opportunity to recite the track’s catchy lyrics back to her. Despite her striking confidence and ability to command the audience from the stage, she launched herself into the crowd, treating the Wednesday night party-goers to a mid-set dance.

While ‘Stupid’ provided a restrained moment of poignancy in an otherwise energetic set, penultimate track ‘Drink Too Much’ lifted the collective spirits again and could easily complete the winning trifecta of singles for G Flip with its up-tempo vibe. But just before the night came to a close, a simple drone synth resonates throughout the room, an introduction so inescapable and synonymous with G Flip’s rise over the last six months. The enormous hype and anticipation of the night is arguably stemmed from this one song and its immeasurable impact.

While ‘About You’ was written and produced in her bedroom, hearing it live is an experience which would not feel out of place in an arena. Goosebumps fill the room as the voices of each audience member sing the lyrics back to her, echoing throughout the venue and blending into her own. The song in itself feels like an exercise in tension, and with each building chorus she climbs back behind the drums one last time for its explosive finale.

With a fully-formed live show that stretched easily past the one-hour mark, G Flip managed to maintain an incredible energy throughout her set despite an extremely limited commercial output. As she exited the stage, the resounding impact of her performance completely justified the buzz surrounding her, and given how far she’s come in under a year, it’s wild to imagine where the remainder of 2018 will take her.


September 21st 2018
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