Live Review: JACK RIVER @ The Corner, 17.09.18

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Jack River

LIVE at The Corner Hotel, Richmond

17 / 09 / 18

Words by India Weaver

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Sparkles, positivity and sweet sounds pulsated through The Corner Hotel on Monday, September 17th as Jack River brought Sugar Mountain to life at her third and final sold-out Melbourne show.

As anticipated, River chose an all-female line-up to open the show. Annie Hamilton kicked off the night; combining sweet vocals with soft-punk instrumentals, she nestled her way into the hearts of the audience. Jess Kent followed suit – despite being accompanied by only a drummer, Kent’s confidence packed a punch. Her catchy pop tunes, including ‘Get Down’ and the anthemic ‘Girl’ had punters moving and grooving.

Inbetween the supports and main act, it was worth taking in the atmosphere. The stage was decorated in the theme of River’s album artwork; fairy lights hung from wall to wall, extracts of Sugar Mountain-esque artwork too, and gorgeous pink lights warmed the stage. ‘Riders on the Storm’ (by The Doors) played as the house lights were dimmed. Jack River was proving how suave she was before even setting foot out onto the stage.

Faces lit up as River took to stage dressed in head to toe sparkles. A few members of the crowd, mainly partners who were tagging along, looked a little confused. ‘Hang on, Jack River is a girl? That’s grouse!’. It was nice to know that despite being on the music scene for a while, her name is still throwing people in the way she intended it to.  The audience turned into one big goofy smile convention as the heart melting riff of ‘Ballroom’ diffused through the venue. It was clear that “all these people in the room” were well-aware that they were in for one hell of a sweet night.

Without hesitation, River took the crowd back to her humble beginnings with ‘Palo Alto’ and ‘Talk Like That’. Having these older tracks at the start of the set allowed for audience members to follow River’s progression and journey from her beginnings to now, atop Sugar Mountain. ‘Limo Song’ became a perfect vehicle to move audience members into the present time. The infectious whistles began to echo through the crowd. I wished more than ever that I was genetically blessed with the ability to whistle. As the song came to finish, River let a VIP guest out of this ‘limo’ to meet the crowd – Mumma River, who is a spitting image of her daughter; looks, smiles and all.

Sugar Mountain continued to thrive in the live space as the set progressed. River complimented most songs with insight into the origin of the track, intertwining this with her radiating positivity. The audience expressed their gratitude through a continuous free flowing stream of karaoke.

Before barely departing the stage, River returned to perform a cover of ‘She’s So High’ (originally performed by Tal Bachman) that fit within her set and sound so perfectly. You could have sworn the song was one of her own. She executed the cover with a simple ‘Take That Tuesday’ – no more needed to be said. ‘Fools Gold’ closed the set and was a perfect way to end the marathon of sing-a-longs the crowd had participated in.

Whilst her musical talents were on full display, it was amazing to see her energy and positivity radiate from the first to last seconds of her set. Whilst I will never understand how someone so angelic exists in real life, there is one thing I know for sure – my love for her runs Jack River deep, Sugar Mountain high.


September 21st 2018
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