LIVE REVIEW: These New South Wales @ The Workers Club

These New South Wales 2

These New South Wales performed at the Workers Club on Friday 27 October.
Reviewer given entry to the venue by agency.
Words by Maria Dunne.

These New South Whales donned the Workers Club with their tenacious guitar drifts and their electric prensence that included heavy strobe, signature nipple tape and crowd surfing. Their tour marked their album release, You Work For Us.

They were joined by Rhysics and Department. Department started their set strong. They delved into the roots of punk and garage sounds. Their music had influences from the hardcore scene, however they embraced elements of college rock. Their eclectic but punk sound made them the perfect first act for this show. The Rhysics sets had usual yet alluring harmonies. With the lead singer dressed in cardboard wings and a wire halo, their set started sweet and ended with a banger as “Cold Hard Money” prepped the audience for These New South Whales.

The anticipation for TNSW was manic. Smoke and a light show ensued even before the band came on. The strobe was used quickly and regularly which caused for some interesting crowd reactions. A heavy strobe makes your brain act like a camera, it sees only fragments of what is going ahead. Some patrons were unable to dance straight due to the mix of strobe and alcohol.

These New South Wales

These New South Whales entered in kickarse fashion. We watched for a good five minutes of the lead singer, Workhorse waxing his hair back.

The band played a variety from their new album and their EP such as Mumma’s Tit. It was a amazing experience seeing them live and you had their songs set to their volume, you could experience their stage presence and energy.

The music was played with great intensity and gumption. The atmosphere was surreal particularly when joining in the moshing in the centre. The amount of sweat that was made from the moshpit was enough to fill a bath. Most people had soaked through their clothes. There was pushing, shoving, people jumping and attempting to crowd surf. Even the Workhorse joined in many times in the moshing circle. Their music was very eclectic borrowing from the darkest parts of genres like new wave, metal, punk and goth. The show had a lot of personality in it. Mentioning of the “psychologically taxing” parts of being on tour and a beautiful five minute question time. They asked if anyone has any questions which had people asking “How did you become such an sick cu**?” and “Do you actually have nipples?”.

The gig ended with the song “Cholesterol Heart” which made the crowd go insane. Everyone moved like gas particles smashing into one another. The screams and hell raising was raised. It was loud, energetic and fast. The music was so energetic that when the show had ended I had forgotten that it was past midnight.

These New South Whales’ show was exciting, raucous and energetic. It was a performative and simply put a fun gig.