LIVE REVIEW: Peter Bibby’s Dog Act


Peter Bibby’s Dog Act performed at The Evelyn on the 27th October 2017.
Words by Ben Madden.

After a long day, I was looking forward to seeing Peter Bibby’s Dog Act. Having first experienced his music off a Hand Games mixtape back in 2013/2014 (mixtapes which formed a large majority of my taste), I was excited to hear something new. Fresh off the release off his latest single (and follow-up to 2014’s debut album Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician) “Medicine”, the crowd was up for a big Friday night, and they weren’t to be disappointed.

Support act FERLA got everyone dancing, and whilst it didn’t immediately make sense as a support act for the more rugged stylings of the headliner, both are extremely inviting frontmen, with not much pretense. The synth-pop vibes didn’t let up throughout their all-too-short set, and they threatened to upstage the main act.

Luckily, that didn’t happen, with the unassuming trio smashing out a set spanning not only their debut album, but some newies as well. The highlight of the night was a crowd singalong to “Red XF Falcon”, a love song as earnest as it is poetic (and besides, who doesn’t love a song about a car). However, the night belonged to the moshpit, with dedicated fans hanging off every word (and a few mullets hanging off some heads). Peter Bibby wears his Australian influences on his sleeve, and seeing him at a place like The Evelyn feels right at home.

In many ways, tonight’s gig was a representation of what’s good about Australian music. Sometimes, all you need to keep a crowd captivated is a unique voice and a tight backing band. What a great way to spend a Friday night.