LIVE REVIEW: Saskwatch give live peek at upcoming album ‘Manual Override’


Saskwatch performed as part of their preview shows for upcoming album Manual Override, at The Curtin in Carlton, on Wednesday 5th of July.

Saskwatch Tour

Saskwatch were up to their usual funkiness at the Curtin last Wednesday, previewing their upcoming effort Manual Override. They delved into plenty of favorites throughout the night keeping things moving while debuting new flavors to the palate to keep the taste fresh.

The Curtin’s band room couldn’t have suited the night better. The staircase to the venue is around the back of the bar, and spirals around up into the middle of the room.

I’ll set the scene: the stage is filled with smoke and cascading with red and green light that smashes through your peripheral. It’s like being in a room suspended in outer-space, everything dark, curtains over the windows. I like to think of it like jumping into the middle of nowhere, spending an hour peering into Melbourne’s beating music heart – only to fall back out again onto Lygon, nice and limber for the walk home.

On comes the band starting strong with new single ‘December Nights’. Rob Muinos rails off the huge fuzzed out riff to get things started with an exclamation point. From there we get treated to something a little different. Frontwoman Nkechi Anela helps us weave through wonky psychedelic-synths with her achingly soulful voice in ‘Then There’s You’. The way Anela handles herself on stage, grooving to tracks and holding back a hint of snarl with each tender note, always manages to mesmerise.

Liam McGorry was equally as beautiful on stage. He alternates instruments: guitars, vocals, keys and what looks like a beat-pad – always, always, directing his talents to whatever the song needs. It was a truly special moment when he pulled out the trumpet for ‘Everyone’s Giving up’, giving the audience a reason to hail the almighty brass piece.

The night was rounded off strong as it started with crowd favorites ‘I’ll be fine’ and ‘Bork to Break To Break Your Heart’ – the latter bringing on cheers and excited dancing. For the encore they let the crowd simmer, letting murmurs rumble into roars.

When they did emerge back on stage amongst the rambunctious applause, Muinos grabbed the mic to queue two more songs with a loveable awkwardness that provoked a laugh from the crowd. First, easing into a slow burning love track off the new album giving the audience a brief respite before smashing out the evening with upbeat number ‘Hands’.

Not bad at all for a Wednesday night.

Words by Matthew Toohey.