SYN was given media access to Sia’s Melbourne concert on Thursday 30th November at AAMI Park.
Words by Josh Fithall.

THE ARENA lights fade to black, the crowd’s cheers come to a crescendo and the stage curtains are drawn back. Enter Sia – at stage left.

Standing to the back left of the stage in front of an enormous crowd at Melbourne’s AAMI Park, Adelaide-born singer/songwriter Sia Furler is welcomed by an enormous applause. Coming off the back of huge supporting performances from international stars Charli XCX, , and Australia’s own Amy Shark, Sia shies away from the bright lights that fill the stadium, and began her first live Australian show for over five years.

Maddie Ziegler, the ‘persona’ of Sia’s last two studio albums 1000 Forms of Fear and This is Acting, accompanied her performance once again in an essentially flawless dance routine. Pre-recorded studio takes of each song were shown side-by-side to the live act that had the whole crowd wondering how Ziegler and the rest of the dance crew were able to be so impeccably in time.

As Sia is standing idly unmoved on her pedestal, the music continues to be played, with more recent favourites like ‘Alive’, ‘Elastic Heart’, and ‘The Greatest’. One notable performance was ‘Diamonds’, the song written for US popstar Rihanna, as Furler sung it as if it was meant for her and no one else.

The theatrics of the show were incredible to say the least; from the small video shorts in-between songs, all representing a story being told– one that has come from a dark place but has been turned into some of the most popular and streamed songs of this decade. It is more than just music; it is an expression, it is art.

Coming to the end of the show, the crowd is given another song that was given to another artist; a stripped-down version of David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’, which ended with a break in the act – Furler changing the final lyric from ‘I am Titanium’ to ‘I am Australian’, which was met to an enormous applause.

The way Sia was able to continually hit long and high notes all night, along with the visual effects and high-energy dance routines, it gave her audience and critics the reason of why she doesn’t need to conform to pressure to take off her wig, or to be a fully-fledged pop star – she’s truly fearless.

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