Live Review: TOTAL GIOVANNI @ The Croxton, 02.11.18

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Total Giovanni: Euphoria Tour

The Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne

02 / 11 / 18


Words By Dana Hamilton


Move over wind farms, we’ve got a new form of energy generation in town.

Melbourne-based quintet, Total Giovanni, hit the road in late October to deliver a much-anticipated six-date National tour showcasing their debut album Euphoria. On Friday night, they played their second Melbourne sold-out show of the tour at The Croxton Bandroom in Thornbury and oh boy, what a powerhouse.

From the second that the band hit the stage just past 10.30pm, the energy in the room lifted euphorically. If the pollies are looking to invest in a new form of renewable energy, I think we’ve found a solution. It seems that if Total Giovanni is in a room with a home crowd, there’s ample electricity generated to not only fuel the one thousand individuals present, but enough left over to bottle and send to those who couldn’t get their hot little hands on these highly sought-after tickets.

But, I’m getting head of myself. The night started off a little slow with support act, Kovac, hitting the decks later than scheduled. The momentum of her dance mix seemed to lift as the vast, low-ceiling bandroom filled with bodies. Her earthy beats turned into hip-swingers as she spun tracks including Mildlife’s ‘The Magnificent Moon’ and Harvey Sunderland’s ‘Clarity’. By the time the main act were due on stage, Kovac had well and truly warmed up the packed crowd.

Dressed in suave, matching, army-green aviation suits with pink waist sashes, Total Giovanni hit the stage and from that point onwards, the dance vibes didn’t stop. In the brief interludes when vocalists Vincent D and Spike Punch addressed the fans, their sentences were barely audible over the roaring crowd anyway. There was clearly a mutual understanding between the band and their audience – they didn’t need a chat, they were all there to dance. A line in their Facebook bio reads they are well renowned for “whipping small music venues into wild bacchanalian frenzies” and they did just that.

Not only did the guys look like they were having a blast and sweating out everything they had, but the morphing kaleidoscope and poly-geometric visuals and stage lights set the scene ablaze.

Vincent D’s (aka Frankie Topaz) lead vocals fed the crowd smooth, passionate molten lava and Spike Punch’s lustful rap sequences, body rolls and hip thrusts brought the fire to the performance. Shattered Guru (Pistachio Buttercup) mixed beats which took complete control of the lively crowd, and Cavallo Nero’s (Hornelle Equinox) guitar and Shidi Amin’s (Credenza Ford) bass were just filthy enough to feel the vibration through your entire body. Their funky dance beats were thrilling, but their energy was intoxicating.

A few crowd favourites included their single “I See” as well as the smooth beat of “Your Light” and the sensual “I Can’t Control Your Love”.

If you’re looking for your new favourite dance tracks, Total Giovanni have got you covered. So get ready to plug in and power up because “I am into it, I am into it” (Can’t Control My Love), and you should be too.

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