Live: Splashh @ Ding Dong Lounge – 29/06/13

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to see British lads Splashh play at the Ding Dong Lounge. My curiosity regarding the quartet was piqued by the fact that they would be heading back to the UK after their Australian tour to support The Rolling Stones. Surely I was in for a treat.When I first arrived, I was confronted by support act Fascinator, a side project of Children Collide’s front man, Johnny Mackay. I was unsure what to make of it. Even with the ensuing confusion, it was admittedly difficult to take your eyes off him. The costume alone was startling, and the set was hilarious, psychedelic, weird and wonderful all at once. But as a support for Splashh, I wasn’t totally convinced.The main act came out to a surprisingly enthusiastic hipster crowd. I had no idea how popular these guys were in Melbourne, but they proved they definitely have a loyal fan base.Throughout Splashh’s entire performance, I couldn’t help but be reminded of teenagers jamming together in their garage; there was a very raw youthfulness to their live presence. However, there was also something about the show that seemed tense, and it made it difficult to connect with the songs. On top of that, much of Splashh’s sound seemed to be inspired by groups like Tame Impala and UK noise-band Deerhunter, which made it hard to resist the temptation of pigeonholing them.The set may have started off a little shaky, but luckily it improved with each song. The band seemed to visibly relax and get stuck into the grooves, therefore making it easier for onlookers to follow their flow. While I can’t identify a song that really stood out, renditions of “Vacation” and “All I Wanna Do” were definite crowd pleasers. Splashh’s 70s-esque sound was distorted and psychedelic, and generally well received.Concert-goers were obviously avid fans of the band and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. With a little more time and refining of their live set, the sky would be the limit for these Radhika Chopra

July 22nd 2013
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