Live: The Trouble With Templeton @ Northcote Social Club – 17/04/13

The 17th of April marks the night my mind was blown by a raucous performance from Brisbane indie rockers, The Trouble With Templeton. Having missed their performance at last year’s Falls Festival, to say I was excited was an understatement.Preceding them on the night was up-and-comer Ali Barter, a Melbourne songstress who dished out some atmospheric dream pop to a captivated audience. With songs about getting high, kings and bruises, she filled the room with a holistic sound that seemed to reverb in every corner of the room. She proved to be a very promising act, and it will be interesting to see how her live performances grow as she gains more experience.After a short break, singer-songwriter and lead for The Trouble With Templeton, Thomas Calder, took to the stage with two inspiring acoustic renditions including start-song “Someday Soon”, a track off their 2011 LP Bleeders. There was an impressive silence in the crowd as Calder ripped into the song with raw energy and attention-grabbing vocals, and once the rest of the entourage joined him, the real show began.The expectation was that I would be impressed, but instead I was astounded at the amount of talent I was witnessing. There was something downright explosive about the set. Each band member had their own personality on show, their own quirkiness, but at the same time there seemed to be a real intimacy about the way they were playing.“Six Months in a Cast” was a definite highlight, played heavy and quick. Unlike the recorded track it had some real urgency and grunt behind it with its changing tempos. New single “Like A Kid” definitely had a different feel live as well, being a lot more lively and culminating in Calder shaking from the effort. With a few new songs thrown in for good measure, the show was proving to be quite the mesmeriser. A lovely moment came when guitarist Hugh played one of his own bluesy songs for the audience. With an Elliot Smith like quality, the rendition was definitely a success, and it was great to see the rest of the band’s support in putting a member in the spotlight.Towards the end they played the much-anticipated “Bleeders”, which was a delight in its emotional ups and downs, and final song “Lint” was a beautiful way to end the set. Chatting to keyboardist Betty Yeowart after the show I could sense a humble quality, and a genuine excitement towards the band’s future.Throughout the night the band was in their zone, the timing was tight and they had a real flare in their live performance. The Trouble With Templeton left their heart on the stage that night, and ended up filling a space in mine. If I had one recommendation, it would be to see them before they get too big. That sort of intimacy doesn’t last too long once everyone else catches on.  by Radhika Chopra

May 3rd 2013
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