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MICF REVIEW: Lizzy Hoo – Hoo Dis?


Words by Maria Dunne

A genuinely funny, must-see show.

Lizzy Hoo’s Hoo Dis? is a must-see over the festival period. Her humour is personal yet very relevant to 2021. Lizzy’s power in the show comes from her ability to work with her audience. She makes the show relevant to the night you see it, telling jokes that honestly make you feel like a “special audience”. I liked the fact that I felt part of the show rather than a passive observer.

Lizzy has a clear talent for storytelling. She can make a story about doing a gym class seem as if it is the most interesting story you had ever heard. Stories about periods of time when we were in lockdown didn’t seem as dreadful to mention coming from Lizzy Hoo’s show. It made me feel cathartic reflecting on the pandemic with the perfect level of “That was bad? Wasn’t it?”.

In the moments she used her old material, she would provide extra details so you could join the laugh even if you had heard her that bit before.

Her show also addressed anti-Asian sentiment in Australia. This aimed to address the division that can be created and has been created in recent years. She provided insightful commentary to a time with a saturation of news stories consuming us.

Overall, it was a fun, mood lifting, thought-making show: basically everything I think stand up aims to be which Lizzy Hoo actually achieved.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival runs from 24 Mar-18 Apr, 2021. You can catch Lizzy Hoo’s Hoo Dis? from now until 18 April


Maria Dunne

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