Looking back

 I’m afraid to say, that’s the end of work experience at SYN for me. It has been an unbelievable experience, I have learnt so much. Alex has been awesome company for the past 4 days, and although we differ on lots of stuff, like him listening to metal, he has made this whole week even better.
The highlight for me came late today, when we got to sit in with Panorama and listen to how organised they have to be simply to present for 30 mins on radio. Thank you to Joseph for letting me and Alex listen in to their show, and even speak on the radio about our easter plans!
This morning, we got to work with Dandenong Youth Services (I hope that’s what they were called) in doing a mock radio show. There were stumbles and trips along the way, but we all had heaps of fun, and Alex put on the greatest radio voice I’ve ever heard from someone younger than 20.
We spent our last hour with the music dept. listening to random songs and sorting out the Sweet 16. A great finish to work experience at SYN.
Thank you to everyone who let us listen in on their programs, like Belle, Stefan, Sam and Joseph. And, most importantly, thanks to Kristina for helping me and Alex out for the whole week, setting time aside to speak with us and organise time slots and all that sort of stuff.
In fact, Kristina, I have one more favour to ask of you. The booklet I gave you on the first day, if you could post it to my home address, that would be awesome.
SYN work experience, I recommend it to anyone interested!


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