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Loud & Queer: Our Favourite Queer Albums from 2022

Sammy and Liz are joined by 2/3 of SYN’s Music Managers, Gracie and V, to chat our favourite releases of 2022 by LGBTQIA+ artists! Trying to cover as many of the incredible releases this year as possible they chat EP’s, honourable mentions, and then dive into – in no particular order or structure – the top ten local and top ten international albums.

Originally Broadcast: 11/12/2022

Here is the full list of projects and artists mentioned! You can also find the music we played on the day below.

Top 5 EP’s (in no particular order):

Thelma Plum – Meanjin

Dyan Tai – Empress

Five Island Drive – White Rose

Kavi – Krushed!

Vetta Borne – Rose Avenue Vol.1

Top 10 Local Albums (in no particular order):


Julian Wa – Low Wave

Simo Soo – plz keep this between me and u hehe xx

Camp Cope – Running With The Hurricane

Katie Day – Forever Music

June Jones – Pop Music For Normal Women

Elle Shimada – Home ≠ Location

Racerage – Black Medusa

Isobel Caldwell – Duty of Care

Naavikaran – Brown Church

Top 10 International Albums (in no particular order):

Steve Lacy – Gemini Rights

Moonchild Sanely – Phases

Sarah The Illstrumentalist – a little anti, a little social

Syd – Broken Hearts Club

Raveena – Asha’s Awakening

Rina Sawayama – Hold The Girl

Okay Kaya – SAP

070 Shake – You Can’t Kill Me

Mykki Blanco – Stay Close To Music

Ezra Furman – All Of Us Flames

Honourable Mentions

Jess B – Single (Can’t Fake It), features and gigs!

JULAI – Singles ‘BADDIE BTTMS’ and ‘Old Money’

Robert Baxter – Singles ‘Just For the Night’ and ‘Twenty Something’

Dirty Versachi – Single (Rainbow Light Beam) and gigs!

Jamaica Moana – Single (CYA) and many many collabs & features!

Simona Castricum – Single (TBC), and SINK live performance

Wallis Bird – Hands


Kaiyah Mercedes – Hindsight

Zheani – I Hate People On The Internet

Tove Lo – Dirt Femme

Girlpool – Forgiveness

Omar Apollo – Ivory

11/12/2022 Playlist:

Okay Kaya – Spinal Tap

Thelma Plum – Backseat of My Mind

Vetta Borne – Say Less

Camp Cope – Running With The Hurricane

070 Shake – Skin & Bones

Jesswar – Fell In Love

Moonchild Sanelly – Demon

Steve Lacy – Bad Habit

June Jones – Hoodie Girl

Dyan Tai & Jamaica Moana – Get On It

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