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Loud & Queer: Interview with Wallis Bird & Stonewall’s New Asexuality Project


Liz and Marcie cover International Asexuality Day, talking misunderstandings about Ace identities and Stonewall’s new project hoping to improve the lives of Asexuals living in the UK.

Plus, Berlin based musician Wallis Bird has a chat with Sammy about her new single ‘Aqaurius’ and upcoming album ‘Hands’ out on the 27th of May. Wallis speaks on the songs themes of control, finding joy in the process of completing a project, some the ideas behind ‘Hands’ and so much more! Listen to the extended (and uncensored) version of the interview below:

10/04/22 Playlist:

Sycco – Superstar

Two Last Names – Yah Yah Yah

A Swift Farewell – Stressed Out (ft. Clay J Gladstone)

Wallis Bird – Aquarius

Barkaa – Fight For Me (ft. Electric Fields)

Rott Wheeler – Dreams of Birds and of You

Find these tracks and all the others we have played this year by checking out our Spotify Playlist:

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