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Loud & Queer: Interviews with Joshua Maxwell, Julie Kalceff and Kirsty Stark


Interview galore this week for Loud & Queer!

First, Liz and Sammy spoke with the series’ lead writer/director Julie Kalceff, along with producer Kirsty Stark (of Epic Films) on their series First Day. Season 2 of First Day is out via ABC Me, an Emmy and GLAAD award winning Australian series about transgender student Hannah Bradford (Evie Macdonald) navigating high school as her authentic self. This season explores relationships, microaggressions and solidarity in pride, continuing the story of Hannah and her friends we have all come to love. Julie and Kirsty talk creating the show, new themes in this season, representing trans kids authentically on screen and the importance of diversity in cast and crew among so much more!

Then, Marcie had a chat with playwright and theatre maker Joshua Maxwell about their recent play “Very Happy Children with Bright and Wonderful Futures.” The name calls back to Trump’s demeaning comments regarding Greta Thunberg during a 2019 UN speech, and the play itself blends activism with performance, inspired by the Black Summer bushfires in 2019 and subsequent climate protests.

Joshua speaks on what lead to the idea, the process of writing the play, how the themes became very real when holding productions, and what they hope it can achieve or people take away from it. As well as queer identity, what activism means to them, and their work as artistic director of Jopuka Productions.

These interviews intended to air 24/04/22, but due to scheduling issues they will be played throughout season 2 of SYN’s radio grid, so enjoy them early online! We also will be re-playlisting new tracks we intended to spin from the likes of Jelly Oshen, Abby Butler & Princess Nokia, so be sure to tune in Sundays 3-4pm to catch them and so much more!

Speaking of great music, in the week just passed SYN’s Sweet 16 International Feature Album was the incredible ‘Ivory’ by Omar Apollo, we love seeing queer music in the Sweet 16, and a whole album is certainly something special! You’ll be hearing lots of it on Loud & Queer over the year, but for now check it out below:

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