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Loud & Queer: The Pinnacle Foundation, Pride Flags and Leo Season


In our first live show back for SYN’s third radio season, Luna and Liz talk the history of the pride flag and how it has changed as a symbol over the decade, touching on other flags along the way. Sammy also joins them to talk Them’s Leo Season horoscope and what’s in store for everyone.

Sammy also talks to Andrew Staite and Maddy about The Pinnacle Foundation, with Maddy sharing how a pinnacle scholarship and mentorship has supported them in studies, comedy and other creative pursuits.

Originally Broadcast: 24/07/2022

Show Notes:

The Pinnacle Foundation 2023 Scholarships Applications are open now until the 31st of August, find out more here.

Read Pride Flags Through the Decades by Jesse Dorris here.

Read Jennifer Culp’s Leo Season article¬†here.


If you missed our collaboration with The Naught Rude Show, you can listen here, but make sure you tune in to Loud & Queer on Sundays 3-4pm to hear the talks we don’t podcast and our occasional L&Q mixes!

24/7/22 Playlist:

Beabadoobee – 10:36

Five Island Drive – Destroying Icons


Sycco – Jinx

Omar Apollo – Tamagotchi

Arlo Parks – Green Eyes

Find these tracks and all the others we have played this year by checking out our Spotify Playlist:

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