Lucy & the Lost Boy

By Sandra Lee
Lucy and the Lost Boy is an innovative collaboration between staff and graduating students of the only accredited Bachelor of Circus Arts in Australia. The program is delivered by the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) under the artistic guidance of award winning theatre and circus director Sally Richardson. Drawing inspiration from Melbourne’s iconic street art and culture, the two-hour adventure reflects and embodies the journey of urban artists’ cry for creative outlets. It is seen through the eyes of young protagonist Lucy who is at the crossroads of either following her parents stable stereotypical career wishes or the enticing freedom found through Flying Boy and Ladybird. It is with much audience anticipation and no accident she chooses the latter.

From start to end I found myself gradually drawn into the magical world of circus – characters defying gravity through stunning body-bending acrobatics, powerful graffiti influenced dance segments alongside pumping rhythms all complemented with symbolic light projected backdrops. As I walked into the venue, towards my left were brightly lit areas filled with practice equipment, like a highly specialized gym for the performers. Towards the right, were double doors that opened into darkness, as the circus clowns with the persona of construction men, encouraged us to our seats with witty comments. Upon first inspection, it was clear the stage was ready for seriously skilled performers to showcase their talent.
Amongst the seriousness of Lucy discovering freedom and joining in acts with rebels of the Bohemian air under Flying Boy’s wing, the three construction worker clowns provide appropriate comic relief as they comment on society’s perception of high art, in one case ballet, as they perform their equally captivating mockery of the art form with wheelie bins for partners. It was just one of the many examples where Sally Richardson’s clever direction is displayed and delivered. She is no stranger to captivating audiences from her humble beginnings in writing to theatre, puppetry, film, producing and directing with works presented on the international scale. Some of Sally’s successes include H20 (Helpmann Finalist Best Visual/Physical Production, Best Presentation for Children 2004) and Alice (Perth, Melbourne and Sao Paulo International Arts Festivals).

Lucy and the Lost Boy is not to be missed, It is of great entertaining value for all to enjoy, providing a fun family friendly escape into the dream we all had when we were young, if only I ran away to join the circus. 

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June 19th 2012
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