Magic Bones – Magic Bones EP

Melbourne quartet Magic Bones may not have been around long (the band formed in 2010), but their new self-titled EP is sure to make waves around the Aussie circuit. Their combined blend of catchy riffs and brooding vocals make for an impressive release.

The vocals from opener, “Space Between Us” would make Nick Cave proud – impressively deep and howling – while the psychedelic guitar work of the song is reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age. The track moves seamlessly into the following track, “Devil’s Spawn”, which runs along the same lines as the opener, bar a couple of small differences. While the lead vocals remain deep and dark and the riffs remain solid and memorable, the group vocals in the chorus and added screaming from a female vocalist add to the song in a big way. It makes the track much fuller in sound, making it one of the EP’s standouts.

“How Long?” definitely has the best chorus with a long “Howwwwwww lonnnggggg?” immediately striking the listener. “Gouge Out A View” is more experimental in sound, with a lot of effects and reverb on the vocals and the possible appearance of a maraca significant elements of the experimentation. The rhythm section drives this song especially the drums which bear a Black Keys-esque beat throughout.

Closer “So Long, Carry On” is the slow song of the EP, it’s a lot sweeter and more romantic with the acoustic guitar and handclaps, it’s one to sway to  and maybe even slow dance with that special someone.

Magic Bones are a band who make rock and roll proud, possessing the elements that have the potential to make an imprint on not only the live scene but on the indie airwaves. It will be interesting to see how they progress from this 5 song EP to a full length release but they show enough diversity on this EP that will leave them in good stead.
by Jac Manuell

April 1st 2012
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