Make TV with SYN

If you’re 25 or under and have an idea for a TV show, get in touch and see your hard work on C31 in 2011. If your idea is original, represents young people in Melbourne and you have the determination to get it off the ground, you could produce a series through SYN.

C31 currently airs three SYN TV shows, 1700, Get Cereal and The Wrap, and past standalone successes have included The Naughty Rude Show (the station’s highest-rating show at the time), The Inquiry and Postcodes. These shows all had dedicated teams behind them with a strong vision and a good concept.
SYN hopes to air more of these type of shows in 2011 and we’d like to get the ball rolling now! Making a show through SYN gives producers free access to C31 airtime (member groups like SYN don’t pay broadcast fees), free equipment hire, and the ability to draw on hundreds of keen volunteers.
To make a start with the development of your idea, take a look at the SYN TV Proposal Kit, and send your proposal through to [email protected].


August 31st 2010
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