“Man Of Leisure” – Dads

In most cases, a solo project is usually spawned from an artist who comes from an act that is either fairly well established and/or broken up. For example Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Phil Collins (Genesis) or George Michael (Wham!)… Wait…
This was most definitely not the case for Tom Iansek, the man behind Dads. To most he would be better known as one half of local Melbourne duo, Big Scary, who are very much still together and haven’t quite struck ‘stardom’, but are a rising group who are sure to leave a mark on the local scene for years to come.

Man Of Leisure is a collection of recordings composed in a particularly prolific time for Iansek during the Winter of 2010. It should also be noted that the entire album was performed and recorded by Iansek in various rooms in his house. While listening to the album it’s almost hard to believe that the whole project was conceived by some form of boredom. Each track comes across as very well thought through, and almost too well produced for a guy that in reality was strumming, drumming and warbling into microphones in his garage, lounge room and bedroom.
When listening to the LP you can’t help but be taken away to some melancholic Winter place. Although fantastic little elements like the pitter-patter of rain at the start of ‘Life, Oh Life’ or the screams and laughter of children throughout ‘The Ocean’ just pull your fantasy right back to Iansek plucking his guitar, sitting on the foot of his bed, in his house neighbouring a primary school, or some sort of hectic children’s party.
Man Of Leisure is a fantastic little Winter pop gem which we can only hope will fall upon more ears than just the local Melbourne scene. It has showcased the many talents of this young local artist who has certainly proved he’s no one trick pony. Perhaps he has even raised the bar for his main project, Big Scary. I guess all we can do is rug up, keep our ears open and wait to see what Tom Iansek and co. throw at us next.
– Vito Lucarelli