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Maria’s review: Friday Nights at NGV – Two Steps on the Water


This weeks Friday Nights included a headline act by Two Steps on the Water, a extravagant chandelier and a reviewer entranced in the art of Van Gogh and Love: Art of Emotion 1400 – 1800.

I find that the two components that make or break the Friday Nights experience is the music and the art.

This weeks Friday Nights had exhibitions that emphasize emotion and mood. It only made it more suitable that the headliner for this week had so much gumption and feeling in their songs. The three piece punk/heavy folk band, Two Steps on the Water gave such a colourful performance that complimented the often varying tones of Van Gogh’s art pieces. Their set also had heaps of humour implanted between songs. In every wolf whistle, lead singer June Jones was there to alert everyone “there are no wolves in the NGV”.

People filled every room to offer, perhaps to feast their eyes on the amount of art available on display. If you are heading to the Friday Nights in the future don’t forget to check out the other exhibitions like love that the NGV has also opened up for the public. A particular favourite of mine was the exhibition with a ceramic of a dog that looks like a Chihuahua in a beard and a locket of a noblewoman where she is holding her prized squirrel. The aesthetic and atmosphere of the night as usual was chill. A new art piece, The Chandelier, dawned the centre of the Gallery. Art goers circulated it. It became a nice centrepiece for the night.

Everyone was free to move around talk and be engaged in this cultural experience. Art and Music a perfect mix. Be sure to attend the next Friday night at the NGV next Friday where The Fauves are playing.


Written by Maria Dunne

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