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Masculinity + Femininity, (Re)Defining Your Identity & Sexual Tension – 24 June 2018

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Has attending a same-sex or co-ed school affected your identity? How do you re-establish your identity as a person in different social settings? And what is the definition of cheating or sexual tension, in both monogamous and polyamorous contexts?

Your Naughty Rude hosts Dana, Evie & Abby delve into plenty this week, as well as throwing in a few juicy pickup lines. Keep sending in your Tumblr questions to thenaughtyrudeshow.tumblr.com/ask and we’ll answer them live on air!

The Naughty Rude Show airs digitally via SYN Nation Sundays 8-10pm AEST via DAB+ or stream online at syn.org.au/listen.

June 25th 2018
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